Saturday, August 14, 2010

Total Drama Melody

In the recent season of the Total Drama series, Total Drama World Tour, each episode now includes a musical number. This is similar to the series Phineas and Ferb, eh?

Here are my personal top 10 songs:
  1. Stuck to a Pole - Bridgette has such a great singing voice.
  2. I'm Sorry - The same comment as above.
  3. I'm Gonna Make It - I love how Heather and Alejandro admit they love each other (in their own way).
  4. Blainerific - Blaineley showing her ego about being "famous".
  5. Before We Die - 15 of the contestants sing while they're falling from the airplane.
  6. Come Fly With Us - All the contestants sing the first song of the season.
  7. Sea Shanty - Real catchy tune.
  8. Boyfriend Kisser - Courtney is really furious with Gwen.
  9. Oh my, Izzy - Poor Owen.
  10. What's Not to Love - Song describes New York.
Total Drama World Tour belongs to Teletoon.


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  2. Those look interesting. Keep posting.