Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Straw Hat Pirates

I love One Piece. An Anime about a pirate with a Straw Hat named Luffy who's dream is to become King of the Pirates. Before making that happen, his main goal is to have at least 10 people join him to form a crew. So far he now has 8 members on his ship. Leaving only 2 more to go.

#. Name - job, color, animal, family role, country based:
o. Luffy - captain, red, monkey, 4th brother, Brazilian
1. Zoro - swordsman, green, shark, 1st brother, Japanese
2. Nami - navigator, orange, cat, 1st sister, Swedish
3. Usopp - marksmen, yellow, armadillo, 3rd brother, African
4. Sanji - cook, blue, duck, 2nd brother, French
5. Chopper - doctor, pink, reindeer, 5th brother, Canadian
6. Robin - archeologist, violet, crane, mother, Russian
7. Franky - shipwright, light blue, ox, father, American
8. Brook - musician, black/white, horse, grandpa, Australian

In my opinion, it looks more likely that Jinbe, Perona and/or Crocodile will join:

9. Jinbe - helmsman, indigo, gorilla, uncle, Chinese
10. Perona - lookout, light purple, tiger, sister, Dutch
11. Crocodile - Logia-type user, light green, crocodile, British

Why these three? After the two year time skip, in chapter 598, we see from the beginning four animals Luffy befriended while training. A lion, an alligator, a blue gorilla and a vermilion tiger. The lion sort of resembles the shape and colors on the mass of Straw Hat ship, the Sunny. This could be a hint from the author, Oda, that the animals represent future crewmembers. The tiger represents Perona, the gorilla represents Jinbe and the alligator represents Crocodile.

In the recent story arc, Jinbe seems likely to join. However there is the chance that the kraken, Surume, will join instead as the crew's new pet.

Even though Crocodile was a villain, there's a chance Luffy may forgive him depending whatever is in store for the future.

If not Crocodile, other Logia-type users that may join could be Smoker, Enel or
  • Smoker was the first Logia-type introduced and is the only marine who is a nice person. He also looks more like a criminal and has shown to disobedient towards his higher ups.
  • Enel would be interesting but he's too powerful, crazy and delusional to join. It also looks like he plans on staying on the moon forever.
  • Akoiji was the first Admiral introduced and is the only one who isn't cruel or obsessive over "absolute justice." The only problem is that he seems to want to stick with job. Plus having the guy who's partly responsible for destroying Robin's friend and home island would be uncomfortable to be with.

There are other candidates besides Perona, however their role seems to be more of ether Luffy's rivals or allies. Perona has had more interaction with the Straw Hats than anyone else. She could have left the island Zoro was training on during the 2 year wait, but instead remained with him. Plus, Kuma sent her to there just like he sent the other Straw Hat members to random islands. That kind of makes her pretty important.

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