Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Forgotten Christmas Tale

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In 1989, Walt Disney released The Little Mermaid; the movie that reminds audiences of the true beauty of animation. Since then, people and studios have been inspired to make animated feature films for the big screen.

In 1990, Warner Bros. tried to compete with Disney by distributing an animated movie that seemed to have the same style as The Little Mermaid. On November 21, The Nutcracker Prince was released. Based on E.T.A. Hoffmann's story and play of The Nutcracker.

The film is a classic; however, a lot of elements of the film's story are a lot similar to the Disney adaption of Peter Pan. The young girl named Clara acts a lot like Wendy in the end of the film when she prefers to grow up rather than live in the land of dolls and stay with Hans (the Nutcracker). Pretty cliche to end a fairy tale, huh?

If you look closely at Clara and Hans' design's, you'll notice how they look a lot similar to Ariel and Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid but younger.

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What I truly love about the movie is the villain, The Mouse King. He is the only bad guy I've seen to have a background story in an animated picture. Before he was king, he was the son of a loathsome mother, the Mouse Queen. After magically transforming Hans into a nutcracker doll, the commotion causes the fat rat's tail to get flattened and bent. His mother ends up being splatted instead. Taking his mother's crown, the Mouse King is born.

He is an interesting villain because he manages to be both comical, yet terrifying at the same time. The Mouse King: "Today king of mice, tonight king of dolls, tomorrow... KING OF EVERYTHING!"

Overall, this movie is pretty decent and fun to watch during the holiday season.

The Nutcracker Prince belongs to Warner Bros.

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