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Terra, A Teen Titan, A True Friend

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Teen Titans is one of Cartoon Networks biggest hits based of DC comics. A character driven series that focuses on five young superheros named Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy. In the second season, a new daring and free-spirited heroin was introduced to the team. Her name.... Terra.

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In the beginning of the second season, Terra quickly befriends the Titans and develops a crush on Beast Boy. However, she lacks confidence about herself due to fact that she has little control over her powers in earth manipulation.

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Her apprehensiveness leads her to take on an offer from the manipulative villain, Slade. Terra secretly joins Slade as his apprentice in order to tame her abilities. To make things complicated, she comes back to the Titans to help Slade spy on them while at the same time still be their friends.

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Once the Titans learns of Terra's betrayal, Terra comes clean to Beast Boy breaking his heart and trust. Beast Boy dismissing Terra which causes her to not hold back anymore which is exactly what Slade wants to see.

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Ordered to eliminate the Titans and take control over the city, Terra willingly follows.

But when Terra fails, Slade abusively turns on her and takes over her will by controlling her with the new costume he gave her.

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In the end, thanks to Beast Boy, Terra finally overcomes Slade's control and turns on him. Sadly, Terra sacrifices herself to save her friends and the city from a volcanic eruption triggered during her duel with Slade. The result causes Terra to become one with her powers transforming her into stone.

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The series' final episode, Things Change, reveals Terra mysteriously survived when Beast Boy notices a schoolgirl who looks exactly like her and discovers her stone statue is missing. The show ends on a sad note never confirming whether she really doesn't remember who she is or just doesn't want Beast Boy and the Titans involved in her lifer anymore.

Despite the unhappy ending and the wrong decisions she has made, it is hard to feel mad at Terra. She is a very tragic heroin that allows you to feel sympathy towards her and makes you wish she stayed a permanent member of the team.

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  1. I wish she had, But Terra was a bad friend, and a bad Teen Titan. This new life is better suited for her; away from trouble.