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A Change of Heart?

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Everyone remembers the classic children’s stories from Dr. Seuss. One of his most recognized book, How the Grinch Stole Christmas! is famous for its sinister and yet somehow appealing icon, the Grinch.

On December 18, 1966, MGM studios developed a movie based off the book which was directed by Chuck Jones, the great animator who did Looney Tunes.

Since then, How the Grinch Stole Christmas! has become one of television’s most traditional Christmas specials.

However, did you know, there was a sequel to the film? It's true. After hearing fans of his book ask Dr. Seuss if he planned on featuring the Grinch in future stories, he decided to write a script which was made into a television special titled, Halloween Is Grinch Night.

Halloween is Grinch Night aired on October 29, 1977 on ABC. Even though the show was not on an equal plane as the original Christmas movie, it still won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program.
  • In the Christmas special, the Grinch’s scheme is to dress up like Santa Claus and steal all the presents from Whoville.
  • In the Halloween version, a “Sour Sweet Wind” gets on the nerves of the Grinch. He decides to drive a giant wagon with a bunch of ghouls in it that he plans to unleash on Whoville.
One might think that since it’s a Halloween special, it must take place before the popular Christmas one; however, the endings of these movies prove that this is not the case.

  • In How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, the Grinch learns the true meaning of Christmas and returns everyone’s gift.
  • In the ending of the Halloween Is Grinch Night, the Grinch’s plan to unleash ghouls on Whoville is postponed because the wind ended early that year.
  • Grinch’s dog Max leaves him in the Halloween special and moves in with a Who named Euchariah.
Therefore, one can only conclude that Dr. Seuss' intent was to show that Grinch's change of heart did not last after the Christmas story.

Here are links to the Halloween Special on YouTube:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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