Monday, April 12, 2010

My Portfolio

Hi, the following link contains my previous and most recent work I've done at SCAD for my animation major. Under Drawings,are four pieces works of mine.

  • The one titled, My Shoe, was responsible I feel,for getting me into SCAD.
  • Table Turned Over and Life Drawing Pirate are assignments I did in my drawing classes here at SCAD.
  • I did Magoo's Broken Room in 3D using Maya.

Under Animations, are seven video files.

  • The Dinosaur in Dino Turnaround and Dino on Stairs I didn't rig; but I did the dynamic animation for them using Maya.
  • Liz the Lobster was done using cut out paper like how Blue's Clues or South Park are made.
  • Raging Ape is one of my favorite achievements which I did during my sophomore year. It's an Animatic (that means an outline before animating) and is a story about a little old lady who encounters a vicious gorilla.
  • My recent work was done last quarter for my 2D Production Class; ones is titled Bouncing Canyon Ball and the other is Sledding Snowman.
They're are my favorite short pieces in the group. I hope you enjoy visiting my site.

Here is the link to my site. Enjoy.

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