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Only Toonami

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Remember when you were young and came home from school and wanted something to watch on TV to past the time? I remember there was one television block on Cartoon Network that broadcast the coolest action cartoons on the planet. The channel block was Toonami.

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Toonami first premiered in 1997. Its original host was Moltar, a villain from the Space Ghost cartoon.

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From the beginning, retro action shows like Voltron, The Superfriends and ThunderCats aired during this television block.

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It was not until later that Toonami started airing Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z which increased Toonami's popularity.

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In the new year of 2000, TOM, a little robot, took over for Moltar as a permanent host.

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TOM hosted Toonami from a futuristic spaceship along with a female computer named SARA.

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Dragon Ball Z became its number one hit anime.

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Because of this , Toonami started airing more anime features such as Gundam Wing, YuYu Hakusho, and Rurouni Kenshin.

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The only non-anime cartoons that aired on Toonami were the shows: ReBoot, Superman: TAS, Samurai Jack and Batman Beyond.

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TOM has had three different make overs in his time as Toonami's host. In one episode, TOM "died" during an adventure while hosting, and SARA managed to save TOM by rebuilding him and giving him a dark and slicker robot shell.

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By 2004, Toonami moved to broadcasting on Saturday nights. TOM received another upgrade making him slightly taller and buffer.

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As for SARA, her makeover made her look more feminine and anime-ish.

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New listings of action packed shows such as Teen Titans, Megas XLR and Justice League began to air.

Toonami was doing well in 2005, but it started to have a hard time finding good anime shows that were suitable for younger viewers.

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Things got worse when TOM received another redesign. TOM's new look was too childish and his face looked like something out of Thomas the Tank Engine!

SARA was then replaced with two scene-hogging robots that are hardly worth mentioning.

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At this point, Naruto was the only show that kept Toonami on the air.

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By 2008, Toonami came to an end. Despite the fact that it was erased from television broadcasting, it will still be fondly remembered as the 2 to 4 hour block that entertained us with some awesome action packed shows.

Here are links to videos of Toonami from YouTube:

First Toonami Intro

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Toonami belongs to Cartoon Network. Other shows that aired on Toonami belong to their rightful owners.

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