Monday, May 10, 2010

The Disgrace of Batman

Batman: The Animated Series is known as the best Batman cartoon in history. Having great sequels such as The New Batman Adventures and Batman Beyond, many thought the series could never die; unfortunately, in 2004, it did.

A new Batman spin-off was made, The Batman. Unlike the 90's version, this version stays away from the continuity of the comics, theatrical films or any of the previous Batman cartoons. The art style is done in the same way as Jackie Chan Adventures is drawn.

In this show, Bruce Wayne is a lot younger and less serious compared to the other Batmans. His voice doesn't fit his personality and tone, especially when he puts on his cape and mask. It wasn't until later in the series that the animators decided to fix his chin, changing it from a V-shaped to a square-shaped one.

His sidekicks, Batgirl and Robin, look way too young to be in high school and college.

Out of all of the super villains, the Joker is treated the worse in this series. His eyes are red, his hair is a green mess and his teeth make him look like he is a plagued rat. With no gloves or shoes, Joker is given Kung Fu fighting abilities, making him move like a monkey.

What's really way off is that in the series he is said to have once been a low-level bureaucrat before he became the Joker. Since Joker's story origin has no relation to Batman, gives Joker no real reason to despise Batman the way he does.

The Penguin, on the other hand, is portrayed in a more interesting way. His character is based more off Danny DeVito's performance in Batman Returns. He also has a huge variety of birds trained to steal. However, like the Joker, he also has martial arts skills which makes him look ridiculous, and he has two Kabuki-themed henchwomen by his side.

Since the character, Two-Face was being used in The Dark Knight, Warner Brothers refused to include him in The Batman. As a substitute, the animators replaced his role with a cop named Ethan Bennett who becomes Clayface.

What makes this spin-off dull is the fact that there is no real character development in the series. The episodes don't go in chronological order and instead are done in a completely random way. The Batman just can't hold a candle to Batman: The Animated Series.

All images are from:The World's Finest - The Batman

The Batman belongs to Warner Bros./DC Comics.


  1. your evaluation sucks as you don't seem to have followed the series completely, or this wouldn't be your point of view. i on the other hand liked the fresh new look, the style, and the new experiment.
    come on guys grow up, its not 1992, the series gotta go somewhere, at least they tried something new and didn't just got stuck in the glories of the past!
    and by the way batman the animated series didn't have anything great but the proper story lineup,
    i mean really what about the characters, you say in 'the batman' joker looks like 'a plagued rat'? then what did you think, a mad man like him would be an oral hygienist or something.
    man you gotta learn that change is the only thing thats constant, you gotta accept that, how many years you are gonna see same joker with his hair short and gelled like he trims em more often, i mean isn't he a freak who enjoyes gun powder or is he a struggling model that spends half of the time in front of the mirror? you tell me!

  2. I would actually have to agree with the Article it shows that the only true thing that was kept in the origin of Batman was as a matter of fact the story of Bruce Wayne. Although unlike most of the recent batman spinoffs it doesnt make much mention to the character of batman and the origin of his behaviour. The series was obviously focused for a rather young and naive audience which will eventually forget the truth behind batman. Although I rather like the new art style of batman for his specific Character I would prefer the refined and elequent joker to this, rather unruly and monkey like joker.
    But not all of the series to bad, on a personal note I like the penguin who has that similar exterior to the Tim Burton's Penguin. Yet overall the series "the Batman" has proven to be so far one of the worst of Warner Bros. and DC Comics, Batman Enterprise.