Wednesday, May 12, 2010

When Will It End?

I've grown up watching a lot of cartoons and most of them have been very inspiring and nostalgic. A lot of those shows no longer air on television. However, there are ones that haven't been canceled. Quite frankly, they're getting old.

The Simpsons is a great example. It has run for 21 seasons so far; that's 462 episodes. The first episodes were classic and original, but the other half lack originality and aren't as funny.

The same goes for other adult shows like Family Guy, American Dad and South Park.

Even cartoons aimed for kids like Arthur, SpongeBob SquarePants and Pokemon just keep going.

All of them have stayed on TV for more than ten years. These shows aren't as funny to watch as they were in the beginning. The recent ones seem to only use jokes that reflect and poke fun of current events.

Why can't we have an off switch and just let these shows rest in peace and make way for something fresh and original?

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