Friday, May 21, 2010

Evil Mickey

Mickey Mouse is the lovable rodent many have known and loved since his debut in 1928. He appears in many theatrical short films such as Steamboat Willie, The Brave Little Tailor, Symphony Hour and so on.

1995 was the last year that a theatrical short starred Mickey Mouse. This short is the Runaway Brain. Unlike the others, it is much darker.

Runaway Brain is about Mickey "promising" Minnie to take her on an anniversary trip to Hawaii. Unfortunately, Mickey can't afford the vacation until he reads an ad offering $999.99 for one day of doing "mindless work."

The plot goes down a dark path when Mickey encounters his new boss, Dr. Frankenollie who plans on putting Mickey's brain into his monstrosity, Julius. The cartoon gets scary when Dr. Frankenollie dies during the experiment.

Julius becomes part of Mickey's body and turns Mickey into an insane maniac out to hunt down Minnie.

It gets even more tense during the fight between Mickey and Julius when Minnie says, "Go get em, Mickey! Rip his ears off!"

Everything turns out fine in the end, but overall this really isn't something for younger kids to watch. Yet, it is still enjoyable for an older audience.

Here is a link to the short if you want to watch it.

Runaway Brain

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