Sunday, July 18, 2010

Back from the Moon

Remember when Sailor Moon first hit North America in the late 90's? It was the first Japanese cartoon I laid eyes on as a kid. It is a series about a sensitive teenage girl who becomes a superhero by fighting dark forces along with a talking cat.

Like The Powerpuff Girls, Sailor Moon was a huge hit that grabbed the attention of both girls and boys. The series inspired a trend that became known as "Magical Girl."

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Four out of five arcs aired in America while the final remained in Japan due to suggestive themes for younger viewers. Since the series stopped airing on Cartoon Network, it seemed like it would never return to America or any parts of the globe.

Thanks to fans all over the world, hope may come through. Recently, Toei Animation is considering of bringing Sailor Moon back. A remastered version of it is being tested in Italy. If it does well there, Sailor Moon will air worldwide. Funimation Entertainment is thinking of doing a re-dubbing of the anime if it returns to North America.

Sailor Moon belongs to Toei Animation.

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