Sunday, July 25, 2010


Out of all of the animated villains in history, there has been one who continuously relies on deceit and treachery to attain the throne. That "scheming snake in the grass" is Starscream. He is best remembered for always attempting to overthrow Megatron in the original Transformers series.

His greatest triumph (and probably the only best part in the Transformers Movie) was when he took advantage of Megatron's damaged state and threw him out into cold space. It seemed like Starscream would finally become the new leader of Decepticons.

Source of all images above: Starscream (G1)

Unfortunately for him, Megatron (resurrected as Galvatron) came back and killed him.

Source of image from: Possession - Transformers Wiki

Amazingly, he came back from the dead possessing the body of that twitchy insect, Waspinator from Beast Wars. In an episode called Possession, he makes up a story about his death and that he died a hero only to come back and serve the new Megatron.

Everything was going according to plan, until he was betrayed for the first time by Blackarachnia who saw through his little deception. Instant karma.

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