Friday, July 2, 2010

The Greatest of Cybertron

Dinobot is a warrior continuously driven by his code of honor. His story began in Beast Wars where he was one of the Predacons under Megatron's leadership that stole the Golden Disk.

Once he escapes towards prehistoric Earth, Dinobot takes the form of a velociraptor. His arrival on the planet gives Dinobot doubts that he is on the right planet and makes him believe Megatron is too incompetent to lead the Predacons to victory. After unsuccessfully rebelling against Megatron, Dinobot confronts the Maximals and then sides with them.

Throughout the series, Dinobot at first has trouble cooperating with the Maximals. He always questions Optimus Prime's decisions and obsessively cares about taking down Megatron.

He develops a rivalry with Rattrap and they argue and call each other names like Chopper-face (for Dinobot) and Vermin ( for Rattrap).

Over the course of Beast Wars, Dinobot grows to respect each of his new comrades, but he would rather die than admit it. There are times he feels concerned about what his fate will be when the Maximals win since he is considered to be a criminal back home on Cybertron.

In the second season of the series, Dinobot realizes that Megatron was right and that the planet they were fighting on was in fact Earth. Afraid that Megatron's ideals could actually change the future, Dinobot returns to his former allegiance with the Predacons.

As a test of loyalty, Megatron orders Dinobot to extinguish Rattrap who arrives thinking Dinobot was captured by the Predacons. Unable to take out his former teammate, Dinobot turns against Megatron.

Despite Dinobot's betrayal, Optimus is willing to welcome him back. Rattrap, however, is not so forgiving. Willing to make amends, Dinobot decides to hunt down Megatron.

From a distance, Dinobot witnesses Megatron planning to launch an attack on a valley where the first early humans reside. Knowing there was little time to call for back up, Dinobot stands his ground to protect the existence of the human race.

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Ignoring all the damage he took, Dinobot sacrifices himself to prevent Megatron from succeeding. Once the Maximals arrive, it is too late. His last words to his comrades are: "Tell my tale to those who ask. Tell it truly, the ill deeds along with the good, and let me be judged accordingly. The rest... is silence."

Here is a three part link to Code of Hero, the episode that shows Dinobot's heroic sacrifice:

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