Saturday, July 31, 2010

May the Force be with Felix

Source of image from: Wikipedia

In 1989, Otto Messmer's creation, Felix the Cat, became the star of his own animated film. Felix the Cat: The Movie, has a trippy plot involving Felix and his magic bag transporting him to another dimension in order to save a princess named Oriana and her kingdom from her uncle, the Duke of Zel.
  • The story is a lot like Star Wars mixed with Super Mario World on a huge acid trip
  • Since the film was made in Europe, the lipsync is way off.
  • The only other characters from the Felix cartoons to appear are The Professor and Poindexter.
  • The Duke reminds me of the villain Mysterio from Spider-Man.

For some reason, this film really grows on me. The way Felix is portrayed is similar to how Disney makes Mickey a hero with a heart of gold.

Felix the Cat: The Movie
belongs to Felix the Cat Creations.

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