Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chimney Sweeper gone Bad

In Disney's Alice in Wonderland, there are a variety of recognizable characters that have become memorable to fans. However one particular chap ended up being forgotten.

A lizard named Bill was a chimney sweeper who appeared after Alice grew big from eating a cookie and then got stuck in the White Rabbit's house.

Believing Alice was a monster, Dodo and the White Rabbit asked Bill to pull her out from the chimney.

Once Bill got shoved through by force, the smoke and ashes caused Alice to sneeze, shooting Bill into the sky like a rocket. Poor Bill's fate was unknown. He wasn't even seen at the end of the film when the Queen lead the angry mob of the Wonderland residents.

Source of image form: Disney Wiki

It wasn't the end of Bill yet however. It seems he ended up in the streets of London under the new employment of the nefarious Professor Ratigan from The Great Mouse Detective.

Alice in Wonderland and The Great Mouse Detective belong to Disney.

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